Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Five

I know my blogging has been hit or miss the last several weeks. And I sat down this morning to write a witty post about why is wouldn't be all bad that my husband was on his way to basic training and officer candidate school for the next 21 weeks, but the reasons didn't come to mind.

Oh, believe me, there are reasons! [like the junkmail clutter disappearing--FOREVER!]

But in the end, it didn't seem worth it.

So here are five reasons it'll be worse than I'm thinking it's going to be.
1. He won't be around to smack my rear when he passes through the kitchen.
2. There will be no one to rile me up by correcting the way I say something.
3. I'll never see our friends and neighbors because he is always the first to initiate contact. He's way more social and friendly than i am.
4. He kills bugs.
5. He runs interference when the kids turn me into freak, crazy mom.

....I could go on, now that I'm on a roll. :D
Even the things that irritate me the most will also be missed.

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  1. Ah, thanks for reminding us other wives how much we love and would mis our husbands.. even the annoying things.. if they weren't around!

    I am still pondering and confused about the junkmail statement, though.

    HUGS and lots of love and prayers here for the boys' new 'favorite soldier'!!

  2. Hugs, babycakes. He'll be underfoot again soon enough. :-)

  3. I have a feeling that you will discover a lot more once he's gone for a bit...


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