Saturday, March 5, 2011


After attending a conference this weekend, I got to thinking...

What am I writing for? Who am I writing for? Why?....

But the answer right now is...I'm not writing much at all. I've done a bit of editing...a few critiques.

Darla's birth has put me in a different place. Actually, Matt's career in the army has done the same thing. I don't know what to do next. Do I continue writing romance? Do I try something new?

The wonderful ladies in my critique group can attest--I'm floundering!! I'm doing this. I'm doing that... no wait, I'll just do this. Or maybe that.

*sigh* Give me some time. I can't walk away from stories...
I believe there is a place for fiction, a place for romance, passion and love.

I just have to figure out where my place is in it. :P


  1. I think we all have those moments when we just feel kinda...lost. You'll get your focus back!! Promise!!

  2. Hey-lo, I know what you mean by this. I get lost in the "family" business...all day I think about writing and yet when it comes down to 9:30 at night..I can barely figure out what I had for breakfast. I'm just saying..I know what you're saying.

  3. You'll get there. I flounder too, when I got started writing.


  4. Thanks so much ladies!
    I wish I'd done this floundering years ago, but as the wicked witch says...

    All in good time my pretty!

    Without the years behind me, I suppose I wouldn't be sitting here considering writing something new.

  5. Hey dollface,

    Life has its way of shaking things up a bit. You and I both know that all to well. But let me just say that when the time comes (and it will come) and you sit down in front of the computer, the words will flow. Maybe it will be a romantic comedy. Perhaps something with a paranormal bent. Fallen angel perhaps? You just never know. One thing I am fairly certain of? No matter what you decide to work on, it will be great. You have a wonderful voice and your stories speak of truth, love, heartache, hope, struggle, and triumph. Keep the faith.

  6. Wise words, Moira!

    To be honest, time away does a brain and a heart good when it comes to writing! Don't shortchange yourself and feel you have to fit any two molds or be perfectly sure of what you want right now.

    Go with it, mama, wherever it takes you. Even if you go nowhere for a minute or two.

    We love you!!


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