Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time to get my BRAIN back

Well, two days in a row, two missed appointments.
You'd think I sent my brain to SIBERIA! Ack!

Okay, time to focus. I'm opening my Word program and making a schedule RIGHT now.
I will hang it on my wall so there are NO excuses for this crazy brain fuddle.

Anyone else get this way? I think it's a bit of Spring Fever and anticipation for my trip to Georgia.


  1. Nice facelift on your blog, I like!
    But really - a schedule in .... Word?!
    Isn't that what Excel is for? :)
    Just teasing, at least it'll be written down!
    have a good one!

  2. Excel and I do NOT get along AT ALL! LOL I like Word...and then I can add cool fonts and colors and pretty pictures...or even my own pictures. :D

  3. post its always work for me and I stick it on places I always look like my bedroom door, my laptop, on the kitchen table (lol can you tell I'm very forgetful?) and its only $3 for the multicolored ones :)


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