Saturday, May 21, 2011

Love and Friendship

With my daughter in sixth grade this year, talk of boys and who's dating whom has come up on occasion. I know she has a very good friendship with a guy in her class... and I wondered [ridiculously] about what it was going to be like when dating became part of the process. Would she want to date him? Or would he be 'a friend'.

My husband and I met in college. I first met him when he was dating someone else and I thought, "Oh, too bad." But the next semester, tada!, he was single again. :D Lucky me. He was a manager at the student union and I took a job at the switchboard that year. We worked together for a couple of months and finally, he asked me out on a date. A double date with a buddy. We went to Drovers, this great place for wings, in his piece of crap Chevette. For the next year, it was romance--dates, skipping class[ONCE! and believe me, it was highly unusual for him. I think he might have even gone to confession for the offense. :D], flowers[which his buddy told me I shouldn't get used to--thanks Michael, but I still get flowers about once a year when the rose bush and the peonies bloom]... We had a few ups and downs. What couple doesn't? Then he asked me to marry him. When he tells me he loves me today, it's with words and feeling he couldn't have understood back then. And still, we made it all these years.

Contemplating the stories I write, I found a tendency to write of romance that started as friendship. But, my husband and I definitely started with romance and became best friends. How STRANGE! As if I'm wishing for something else! I'm not. I love the whirlwind romance my husband and I had over the year we dated. In the long run though, it's the friendship that I value more. I suppose this is why I write of women who fall in love with friends--for the most part.

WOW, spoiler alert!!!  Hey, the stories aren't ALL like that!  I swear it! You'll see... as soon as I'm published. :D

So tell me about you. I know you want to talk about your love story. And I really want to hear it!
I'm giving a prize to a random commenter who comes in and tells me a love story...
A box of goodies. Yes, that's the same as saying I don't really know what's going to be the box!
You know me though. It will probably include a book, some chocolate... and whatever tickles my fancy when I'm shopping that day. :D

Winner will be picked next Saturday, so feel free to send your friends by throughout the week. Leave a name, link and/or email so I can contact you if you do win. Of course, if I know you and you know I know you, you know I don't need to know your contact information.
Enjoy the weekend, Friends!
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  1. I love hearing how people met. :)

    My hubby and I met on a blind date. His mother was friends with my aunt. She called me up when I was on winter break with, "Would you like to meet a nice young man?" Ugh. I was dating someone but I said, "I guess." LOL
    He called me up and we hit it off IMMEDIATELY and ended up going out that night. We call it the marathon date because he ended up taking me to Philadelphia and I didn't get home until 3AM! (My parents appreciated that one)
    But he called the next day anyway to just to say what a good time he had, which I thought was sweet. :) We got engaged a year and a half later and have been married for 16 years.

  2. oh, that's awesome. you were set up!

  3. I met my future husband when he sat next to me in English Lit. class and told me I was taking too many notes.
    And I told him to mind his own business.
    And i continuted to ignore him until he asked me to a fraternity party where the guy I was dating had asked someone else...and I of course HAD to see who he invited. So on the same day of the party, I was asked to go (conpletely against my religion to do a last minute date - and with someone I don't even LIKE!) and I said yes.

    We did get married 2 yrs. later. There is a lot more to this story as I had been working with his sister all that time at the local supermarket. We had become good friends and she kept telling me that her brother wanted to go out with me. Again ignored the whole thing.
    I wish this had a more happy ending, but for 25 yrs. I was married to him and had a very nice life. We divorced in year 25 - and now it is 18 yrs. later and neither of us is re-married. This isn't because we still love each other I'm afraid. It's because we just don't want to go through this all over again.
    Oh wait...I was asked to be married last Sept. and was officially engaged (to another man, a doctor) but neither one of us wanted to go this route again either. So love is love and maybe it will happen again, who knows? When you get older there are just too many other things that occupy your time.
    Marriage is not for the faint hearted.
    And romance - I don't believe in it anymore. sigh.

  4. Bethanne,
    I loved your story of meeting Matt and your "happily ever after." Unfortunately, I don't have a story to share other than one about my family. It's not a marriage for sure, but I have a great supportive family of two brothers, two sisters, a mother, and an assortment of relatives who are just the tops in my book! They've given me so much love over the years, it fills in "the holes."

  5. Hey Girl!

    That was such a romantic love story. I'm not sure I can beat that, but I can so relate to the 'friendship' before 'romance' love.

    My story starts with a broken marriege (mine) of 18 years, two grown children (mine, both in HS), mother that's passing on from breast cancer (mine) and a 'kid' at work that noticed how sad I was so he set out to make me laugh every day by reading and memorizing Rodney Dangerfield jokes. I started to like this 'kid' so much that I kept setting him up with some of my VERY good looking cousens, but they stood him one day he says to me that I owe him a date, and NO is not an date turned into another...and another...and one day he just blurts out "You know, I've been talking to my friend Liz, and she thinks I'm in love with you...what do you think?"

    So, here we are 17 years later, 11 of those married, 4 of those living together (this chick was NOT going to rush it this time, and she was going to enjoy the courting part!), and 2 of those as best friends before being lovers.

    To this day, our friendship is very strong, it is the bond, our glue if you will. I love our biggining...I cherish it...


    BTW: THat's him on the pic. Did I mention he's 12 years younger then I?

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    Hope to see you there!

  6. I found mine under a table, in a straitjacket.
    Oh, you think I'm kidding?
    I'm not.
    That's exactly what happened.
    I was in the UK for a holiday, visiting friends, and had seen him in the pub - surrounded by girls. Oh well, I thought.
    Well, New Years Eve comes along and we were both on a pub crawl - different ones, mind. Theirs was fancy dress, ours wasn't. We kept running into each other as our paths crossed that night, and loooong after midnight, I'd lost track of where my friends were.
    There I was, stranded, no clue where to go.
    While I was looking for my friends, I found him, half asleep, lying under a table.
    Naturally I thought, that's the man for me, and well...
    We spent the night at his friends house, and the next morning we discovered we had a lot in common, liked the same things.
    I left for Germany two days later, and thought that'd be it.
    We wrote to each other nearly every day (I still have the letters) and he came over for a week a month later.
    After many tears, threats at my dad, and much debate, he moved to Germany three months after we met. (Talk about taking a chance!)
    Best birthday present I ever got. :)
    That was oh... about 24 years ago.
    Still not married (and never will be, we like it this way), and yet we've outlasted pretty much everyone.
    He's my best friend - that's why it works.

  7. I love it!
    All of them. Thank goodness I'm not choosing a winner based on story content. :D

    Silke! I totally believe it. no doubt in my mind.

    Melanie, what a great story. Who cares about age, anyway? :D

    benny'lola. You are so right. Marraige is not for the fainthearted! I love that he told you you were taking too many notes. LOL

  8. Kit, you're a love story happening everyday. That's why I love family. *hugs*

  9. I've been putting off posting this in the hope that I could find some way of making it sound romantic - not a hope! So here goes anyway.
    I met Rob when I was 19, just starting my second year of university, on an ecology field trip in the wilds of Essex. Rob worked at the field station.
    I spent the days counting trees and catching voles and moles and mice... (and letting them go again) and the nights drinking way too much and singing rugby songs (the lecturer was a Welsh rugby referee.)
    So yeah - I was drunk. But so was he!
    We've just had out 20th wedding anniversary though - so we got something right!

  10. I tried to write a short story based on how my husband and I met. We met at Wal-mart. I saw his mother first, and there was a language barrier, but we finally connected and I turned the corner to find a tall, dark, and handsome (no lie) man. We were married a year later. I included the mechanics of our meeting in the short, and subbed it to a contest, but one comment really stuck in my craw: "It's not believable." Hmph. I guess real life IS stranger than fiction.

  11. Nina, those days can be remembered with great fondness. i certainly remember a few too many drinks with some fondness... glad those days are over, though [for the most part].

    Leigh! I've gotten to the point where I'll believe anything! LOL

  12. As I walked into the sanctuary after Sunday School, this handsome, young Mexican man stood out wearing his Army green dress suit uniform and his patent leather shoes amongst the Sunday church crowd at our local Baptist church. I felt myself blushing because inside I thought, "Damn, he's hot!" I felt like everyone knew what I was thinking. He walked over to me while reaching out his hand and said, "Hello! I'm Marcus Antonio. Who may I ask are you lovely lady?" He made me feel safe and secure, and his sexy passionate smile warmed me on the inside out as I melted into it. This one event occurred over 15 years ago, but he grew to become my dearest and best friend. He challenged my intellect with daily conversations about religion, war, physics, science, math, literature, politics, and more.

    Over the years, he wrote me love poems and stories. He said I was his inspiration for writing. His intellect, sexy smile, wonderful qualities, sense of adventure, writing, and our great compatibility keep us in love as husband and wife with six wonderful children.


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