Monday, June 27, 2011

It's a miracle I didn't shoot my television tonight

Or is it?

SPOILER ALERT re: ROBIN HOOD (2006) BBC with Jonas Armstrong
...if you don't want to know important bits don't read below the photograph...

I hope I made the picture big enough... Gee, I wouldn't want an unsuspecting fan to read what's coming next or miss out on a good-looking face either (not as handsome as my husband, but he'll do).


And that is that YOU CAN'T KILL MARIAN!
I thoroughly enjoyed the series through season one. I loved the filmography. One quality in particular was how they ended each episode with a black and white freeze frame.  It always struck me.  I loved the music, the introduction...

Which is why I was wary at the start of season two. Things changed...the look, the feel of the creation. For example, Marian's clothes became much more provacative. Not horrible, but definitely different than season one. The introduction changed, too--new music, new images. No freeze frame, either. How funny something so small and seemingly unimportant would stand out to me? But it did. I didn't like that they took that out. 

But, all in all, I continued to enjoy the story line. 

GREAT villain. Tortured heroes. Good vs. Evil, always a winner in my book.
And then, they killed Marian. 

Marian, in the scene where she finally starts to marry Robin. Yes, that's him behind her...
They've been strung up in the desert to die. (oh, oops. SPOILER ALERT!)
I wonder who did her brows back in those days?

So, though a small part of me wanted to shoot my television, perhaps it's not such a miracle that I didn't. 
I see a swift and sudden end to the series. One more season, two at the very most, but I haven't done my research, so I'm not sure how many seasons the series had before it ended. What a shame... 
They didn't just kill Marian.
They killed their success...
Poo. How disappointing.


  1. Oh, I remember season two's ending very well. And I always wondered why Marian's clothes suddenly became a very close cousin to lingerie. Did she think that Robin would marry her if she stuck her cleavage at him long enough? Apparently it worked. Or did it...?

  2. Ha! At least that would explain the wordrobe change. :D But, it seemed just a change in producers/directors... or perhaps the moneymen could do that, and it did! I like that she didn't change too much. Although there were a few times I got really annoyed with her faith in Guy of Gisboune. LOL But that's another story.

  3. Bethanne,

    It broke my heart when I watched that scene :(

    I did see all 3 Seasons of it on BBC couple of years ago, and the third Season was a doozy and you'll be greatly disappointed. The only thing I liked about it was the addition of the bad guy, King John who was played by Toby Stephens (and if you know me, you know that I'm a HUGE TS fan)!

    I loved the show 'cause it had a modern take on the story, plus it was a bit silly, and I thought Marian had more chemistry with Sir Guy (those two just sizzled on the screen) than with Robin. She seemed so much more mature than him.

    The third Season was a bit dark, less humor, and you'll get to see Guy try to redeem himself. Also, a lot of new players are coming into it and at time I thought there were too many. You were right to assume the end close. Only three seasons for Robin Hood :( but I honestly think they should not have gotten rid of Marianne.

    BTW: Great posts, I love your site and wish you all the best :)

    Mel at

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  4. Hi Bethane

    I haven't seen this series, but now I don't know if I want to. Especially since, according to my family tree mad father, Maid Marian would have been one of my ancesters if she actually existed. So I am not happy about the death at all.
    Robin Hood is not Robin Hood without Marian.

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