Monday, June 13, 2011

Promises to Myself and Saltine Crackers

So, I promised myself I would only spend a certain amount of money on food this pay period... and I pinky swore I wouldn't go back to the store before the 15th. :P  Don't worry, we aren't starving, we're just actually eating through all the food we have in the house!  I mean, why is it that food gets eaten, but there's always those items still in my cabinet from week to week? Why did I buy it in the first place if no one is going to eat it? Well, we're eating it this week! LOL

This morning when my son woke up and puked, I thought, "Oh crap. I don't have any saltines left."

So, after getting the bed cleaned up and setting him up in the living room on the towel throne, I made Saltine Crackers. They're a hit! It was an easy task and worth it!...for now. I do like the convenience of packaging from the store.

So, tell me. What's the most interesting thing you've done in order to save a few dollars?


  1. Howe the heck do you make saltine crackers???

    As a one income family, saving money on groceries is a huge necessity. I am always doing anything I can to save a few bucks. most are normal means though...lots of coupons, shopping at Aldi's, store brands.

  2. Stephanie! I do Aldi as well. So much cheaper. The crackers...not sure about how much cheaper they are to make. Saltine's are pretty darn cheap! But it was fun. :D Made me feel good about myself.


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