Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bethanne 0 [okay, maybe .4], Progressive 1

Well, it's over. Settled. What a crock. Obviously, I'm not over it completely because if you wanted I could sit with you and rant over the injustice of the system for a good bit of time. But, I have other things to do. I have life to live [no thanks to that stupid girl who doesn't know how to drive and is probably still on the road today]. hahaha. :D

Next stop?

My husband's graduation and GEORGIA!
I'm moving to Georgia! ACK! What do I do?!?!

I know. Get rid of my winter coat. What an awesome break that's going to be. I've been living up North so long, a year down south is something to look forward to. Of course, I think I'll always end up back North. I'm a Northern girl at heart. Four seasons. Colorful autumns. Cold winters. Coffee. Lots of blankets. Snuggling down with my lover... and warm bodies. *cough*  Um... well, you get the idea. I do love my jeans!!! :D LOL

For now, the Army has me heading south. I go there excited and enthusiastic because that's where my man is. It is about time for us to be together as a family again. :D Yippee!!

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  1. Oooh, I sense some venom!

    But congratulations on seeing your husband again! Best of luck!


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