Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dresser or Closet?

It occured to me recently--after spending some time fretting over where I was going to put everyone's clothing--that I am not an avid closet space user. Hanging clothes? Forget about it. It doesn't really occur to me to hang things up. In 12 years of marriage I have continued to stuff more and more clothes into drawers.

Until now. It hit me during this recent relocation, HANG THE CLOTHES.

Simple solution. It's just a matter of figuring out what fits in the drawers... shirts? pants? casual?
And what's easier to hang, pants? Shirts? Honestly, I even put my bras in the closet after this revelation. I've been mashing my bras for years in order to fit them in a little underwear draw.

No more!

In our new house, we have nice closet space and I am utilizing it, fully. Totally.
Photo found on Creative Jewish Mom

I'm even excited about it a little because I color coded the hangers. :D
Turquoise for Virginia.
Black for Little Matt.
Blue for Thomas and Sean.
Big Matt has Army bought wire hangers--YICK.
and I have the hodge podge of hangers we've collected over the last 12 years.

So tell me, what are you?
A closet person or a dresser person?


  1. Bethaney I think your right on tract. You go girl
    Colette bipigis-doggietalk

  2. I hang shirt, pants and sweaters. Also my PJ's get hung up. In the drawers are underwear and bras. Bottom drawer are my shorts since they don't get used much.


  3. I use both.

    Closet: Shirts, pants, skirts and sweatshirts are hung up, while sweaters are folded (hangers can pull them out of shape) and placed on shelf of a standing closet organizer.

    Dresser: Pretty much everything else - "delicates," socks, pajamas, shorts/tanks in summer, tutlenecks in winter.


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