Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween--Miracle Monday

Oh! I was so disappointed! We had absolutely NO traffic. :( I was looking forward to handing out candy. Usually I don't care. This year--though I didn't--I thought about dressing up. I wanted to! Darla and I were out there on the driveway. Darla in her cute little bumblebee costume. What a sweetpea. :D

You know what's missing from Halloween?

Community. It used to be that we'd gather as neighbors and walk our streets.
Anymore, people leave their neighborhoods to roam through a stranger's. Even our own next door neighbors headed out about fifteen minutes before us and disappeared...gone. Like a fart in the wind, collecting candy. I wish we'd had more of a turn out.

I just kept wishing for a princess to come and say hi.


  1. I've noticed that Halloween has gone down hill too. In my area - the kids are so lazy that they actually have mommy and daddy drive them from house to house, most kids not even in costumes. At first I thought it was a "safety" issue but then I watched literally truck loads of kids pouring out of the beds of these pick-ups, go to the door, climb back in the truck and go to the house right next door! The funny thing was that NONE of these kids lived in my neighborhood! I leave my light off now - I don't reward the lazy and self-entitled.
    The "trick" is on them ;-)

  2. I think a lot of people must feel that way. In my culdesac, there was only myself and one other house with lights on. :( People don't want to deal with it...especially since they have no connection to the kids asking for treats.

  3. I agree with you Bethanne, there is no connection to the kids of the neighborhood anymore.

  4. Halloween went majorly downhill this year where I live. I was in all night and didnt have a single trick or treater!! x


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