Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just a quick blog to Remember When

November first and so many of my friends' fingers are flying across their keyboards as they spend a month writing 50,000 words to a better tomorrow. Books are an important element of what carried humanity to the modern age. You could even say, we've gone well beyond modern age, that books are a dime a dozen. Print and digital, paper and hardback.

I suppose that's true.

That's never more obvious during the month of November. I don't say that derogatorily. The truth is, the more we have to read, the more we will read, the more our society reads. We need more history! We need more romance! We need inspirational and uplifting. We need drama and melodrama. We need biographies and memoirs, how-tos and for-dummies. We need it all....

And gosh darn it, WE NEED MORE COWBELL!


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