Friday, November 11, 2011

To all our Veterans


Walter Edwin Seale
Joseph Seale
Walter Edwin Seale Jr.
William Sinram "Uncle Billy"
Edward John Strasser, Jr. "Jack"
Joseph Strasser
Edward John Strasser III
Susan Strasser
Greg Jiminez
Matt Strasser

....and any other family members I don't know about.
To all veterans who put their lives on the line so I can live freely, practicing my Faith and raising my kids to appreciate life and liberty....

For all the small things I'm thankful for that wouldn't be available to me without the veterans of our US Military:

coffee and donuts on Sunday morning
travel from country to country, state to state
a roof over my head
bountiful food on my table
internet access with no limitations
ability to profit and save
freedom to give and serve
right to protect


  1. This is lovely :) so many people don't even stop to think about what our ancestors did for us, its nice to come across someone who does! x

  2. Beth, Our mutual friend Melanie F won a Kindle from my Vet's Day blog at and she wants YOU to have it. If you'll email me at, we can arrange the details. Thanks, and thanks to your DH and his comrades in uniform as well.


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