Thursday, December 8, 2011

Banana Bread Day

It's unofficial, of course...
or, it's officially MY banana bread day.

Skinny side of the month, do you have one of those?
We do. I tend to bake more during that time. Which is good!
We all love, love, love mom's baked goods.
Cookies, breads...great filler foods.

What's your favorite, go-to snack food when your cupboards are starting to look bare and your kids are starting to question your sanity about waiting to go to the store?

Do you have a Line?
I do. It's my husband, when he starts fruitlessly opening and shutting cabinets in an effort to find something to eat, I know I have to bite the bullet and make a store run. LOL :D What can I say, I'll eat anything. But not everyone will!

Banana Bread, you are comfort food and you taste awesome warmed up on a cold day.
:D I can't wait to eat you.

With love,


  1. I make chicken soup and use up the last of my fresh veggies. I in fact just made a big pot today.

    Last weekend my daughter and I made persimmon cookies. Which was a first for me. At the family Thanksgiving dinner my BIL loaded us up with persimmons. I found a cookie recipe online. My daughter did all the measuring and I simply stirred.

    Turned out a little plain but okay other than that.

    Your banana bread was probably sweeter than our cookies.


  2. cookies sounds great! we got persimmon jam from my SIL this year. It's really good. :D


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