Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Netflix and a Couch Writer

First, welcome all my diabetes blog followers. I've officially closed my blogspot, Living With It, so you'll see a few blog posts here and there that pertain to life as a diabetic. WELCOME and enjoy your visit!

Something new in our house this year is Netflix. We've had it before then dropped it but are back on the bandwagon. And loving every minute of it. Seriously, I know Netflix took a dive this past fall, prices going up, packages changing... but when Burn Notice popped up on the streaming menu [yes, i check regularly], I couldn't help myself. It seemed like the perfect time to go back. :D hahaha. And what I do love about the new version is that I can cancel at any time.

The other show my husband and I like to watch is That 70s Show.
So, for quality time with my husband where both of us can relax and enjoy a few laughs, $8 a month seems worth it. Right now, we're watching PBS, Birds of Paradise. Oooo, fun.

This is my time to sit and write or edit or read.

Now, if it was antiques roadshow...I might be a little distracted! :D
Hey, keep writing! Keep blogging. Keep reading.
With Love,


  1. Ohhh, they've got Burn Notice? I'll have too look. Love that show.

    Glad you're getting some quality time with your man. :)

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