Saturday, January 21, 2012

Where do you live?

You ever think about what's on the other side of the fence?
Is the grass really greener?
I've noticed, in my writing, my characters tend to live in single family homes. Even when they're single!! [why wouldn't a single person want a nice, big family home, right?] This month, I've started a story and put my character in an apartment. Yes, I did. An upstairs-from-her-cafe apartment.

My family will move again in the future.
And I'm already thinking about our housing options.
The biggest variable for military families is whether to live on base or live off.
We're off now, and I kind of like it.
Nice house, nice neighborhood, close to stores, privacy...


I still imagine life on base as being a bit fish-bowlie.
At the same time, it would be nice to live so close to gyms and parks and work and...ya know, stuff.
So, how good is it?
I wish I knew.
I guess, I need to decide if it's worth stepping on that grass and seeing how soft and green it really is.

What about you? What your favorite thing about where you live... and what do you as the GREEN on the other side of the fence?


  1. Hi! Just checking out blogs of fellow writers.
    I live in a house but I lease apartments and I have to say that not having to deal with noisy neighbors is the best part of a single-family home. However, not having to mow a lawn or shovel snow again would be really nice!

  2. I live in an apartment, so the best things about where I live are not having to mow or shovel. Least favorite: noisy/inconsiderate neighbors, dogs that bark nonstop (despite city ordinance against it), people who don't pick up after their dogs...I could go on. :-/

  3. Heather! We are in understanding. That was the worst thing about apartment life. Forget wanting quiet, we had to be quiet...all the time. You know that's hard to do if you're arguing. :)

    Thanks for stopping by Ashley. And I agree, mowing the grass is not my kind of fun.


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