Thursday, February 2, 2012

IM much?

I dropped a BTW in my manuscript.
You know what's even more funny than that?
Only one person caught it. :D I read that manuscript a dozen times and my eyes just flew right past without a second look. Crazy.

I guess I need to stop texting and IMing so much.

Submission for Spring Fling Anthology is completed and sent on its way.
When it came right down to it, I didn't think the story fit Fling Protocol. Fling being a short unintentional relationship between two people. When my hero shows up in town, he definitely intends on forming a relationship with the heroine. So, instead of throwing it in the Anthology pile, I threw it in the general submission/wishlist pile. Now comes my favorite part of the writing process--WAITING!

Actually, I don't mind it that much. I have so much to do, once I toss a ms out there, I hardly think of it again until a note pops up in my inbox. Which is a total blessing! Some people think and think and think and worry and wait and think and obsess. I don't have that in my personality, I guess.

It's 10am here and already sixty some odd degrees. Going to be a scorcher! :D
Enjoy the day.
Happy writing.


  1. haha. FWIW, I only know two of those acronyms. The first two. SH and CWYL, no idea.

  2. Don't feel bad about that - people send me messages all the time and I have to look them up on the 'Net to figure out what it means. It's really bad when they have two different meanings and I'm not sure if I've been praised or insulted...

    SH = uh, "Stuff" Happens (this is the "G-Rated" definition)

    CWYL = Chat With You Later


  3. Well what's my excuse Bethanne? I IM and text all the time. But I don't typically use text speak which drives some of my friends insane. I'm anxiously awaiting to hear back on the sub. Loved the story!


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