Sunday, February 12, 2012

Miracle Monday

I've started a half a dozen blog posts only to delete them. Grrr. So frustrating.
Topics and whatnot...talking about me, about writing, about life.

What next?

Question: When did you find you?
Sounds nuts, doesn't it?
I found me at about 30.
I applaud you if you are one of the strong individuals who had a true sense of yourself before 30.
I only thought I knew me.

Meeting my husband and having him like me and want to marry me while I was in college? MIRACLE.
I knew my intrinsic value as a daughter of God, a friend. But I was always measuring myself against other people. Other people were prettier and smarter. I'm pretty sure I lacked confidence.

There's something I know.
A confident woman is attractive.
I must have had it deep inside me or something...
Or maybe I just needed my husband to Make it all Gel--like gelatin!
That makes sense since he's my other half. :D

Love that Man for helping me be the woman God wants me to be.


  1. What is this Miracle Monday stuff? It's Sunday!

    "When did you find you?"

    It's hard to explain, but I found myself a long time ago. It took me about 50 years, however, to recognize who it was.

  2. Haha. Close enough for me!

    Phew. 50 years. But, there you have it. I'm pretty sure recognizing yourself is where success starts. :)


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