Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Five

Spring is on the Way

1. Daffodils are blooming
2. Rain is always in the forecast
3. Allergies plague us
4. I can't sit still and have this great need to get out of the house and do something
5. Love is in the....

Whoa. Hold on there a second, little lady. It's only March 1st! Love is NOT in the air. Get back in that cabin! Hole up for another month and get some of that winter work finished. This season is NOT over yet.


  1. "A blogger writes from sun to sun, but winter's work is never done."

    Or something like that... You have to be very creative to destroy a proverb that badly.

    And I thought for romance writers that love was always in the air.

    I have so much to learn.

  2. hahaha. Sometimes it's just lust...and murder. :D
    I do like that line though, winter's work is never done.


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