Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Five

I am so thankful for the end of this week...
and it's ending with a bang. Had to make a doctors appointment for my son who is covered in some kind of rash. Looks like poison ivy, but it's bad! Grrr... tired of that office. haha.

If this were fiction friday, I'd write a story about a lady who is completely bored, has no errands to run and...only one perfectly behaved child. But it did occur to me that I've been bitching alot lately about my life--how busy it is, how frantic I am. Blah, blah, blah.

This Friday, I am going to write a list of all the things I am grateful for, in no particular order:
1. I can look back on the last five years and see God working in my life. That's something to think about... usually hindsight is 20/20 a lot later for me. haha. :D I'm thankful for my church and the people who have touched my life.

2. My writing group, who has seen me through so much and still likes me when I'm so annoying that I annoy myself. You really can not replace a good writing group of friends.

3. My family, my husband [i'll leave him out of this one, because if you don't know I love my husband, you obviously haven't been paying attention] and children. I've come to such a realization lately. It is very hard to parent kids who are over 10. Comparatively, it's easy when they are little. How is it that love becomes awkward? Am I just lacking in something? I don't know, but I'm grateful for the moments when I see myself clearly and can be stricken to change. Because, I want to love my kids like I did when it was easy...and full of snuggles and kisses and hugs...even when they are too old for it. More touches because when we lose that, it's very sad.

4. Silly as it sounds, I'm grateful to have a clean car. I know how hard it is to keep a clean car. My kids get annoyed because they have to help clean it. And occasionally I get annoyed because my husband is pretty tight about it. BUT, all that aside, I am so happy to have a car that isn't sticky, littered and/or cluttered.

5. I'm grateful for the busyness that proves I am alive....

even if it drives me insane!! :D


  1. I know all about poison ivy. Besides spending (or mis-spending?) most of my youth outdoors where I almost always had a little bit of rash from it, I had a job for several years (land surveying) that always seemed to have me running through a patch of that stuff. I swell up like a balloon when I get a bad case. Had more than my share of Prednisone. Hope your son has a quick recovery! (And don't scratch!)

    1. I keep telling him not to scratch!!! We're not sure what it is, but it does go away with the antihistamine, so I'm pretty sure it's some kind of allergy. :( Now to figure out what. Aaand to figure out the best treatment for these hives!

  2. It's so important to look for the positive when you get in a negative rut!! Hope the rash gets better soon!! Cranky kids are no fun.

    1. Thanks, Mary!
      I agree, staying positive is important. :D

  3. I love how positive this post it. You are truly blessed and it's really nice to recognize that as often as possible. Keep writing! Keep living!

    [your everyday girl,
    writing about guys]

  4. Hi there! I'm on your blog list?? How fabulous - thank you!! I'm crazy anal about having a clean car too! It's not a trashcan, lol!!!!

    I see you have the Gold Star flag on your blog(?). I think you meant to have the Blue Star flag up!!! Hugs!!!

    1. Oh for heaven's sake! Of course you're right. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

      Glad I'm not the only clean-car fool running around. :D

  5. PS You can have comment moderation ON, with word verification OFF!! The new Blogger version is reallllly hard to read, and if you get it wrong, your comment is deleted and the person has to start all over.


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