Monday, March 26, 2012

Type I Diabetes and Exercise

Such a beautiful peaceful weekend.
Yes, I forgot about my daughter's confirmation retreat...
Saturday ended up being about family and a few house chores, listening to music, sleeping in, relaxing. Oops. Not a good recipe for taking care of business. And maybe a retreat isn't exactly business...but it just slipped.

Embarrassingly. LOL :D But I will not regret how my weekend played out over it.


Yesterday I had a great conversation with a friend about running [for me, walking]. We chatted about eating and maintaining energy, which seems to be an issue for me, has always been an issue for me.

This morning, I got so mad! I had a small bowl of cereal early (6am) and took my insulin as I should...not over-dosing, which I often do when eating cereal because cereal is the DEVIL. When my insulin pump/continuous glucose monitor alarmed a rising high, I wasn't surprised. But I didn't bolus again!!! Like a good girl, I waited! Again, doing something out of the norm...cuz usually I'd be all over another bolus in that frantic race to beat that high back down... (impulse can rule). I ate a three egg omelet at about 7:45. Left the house at about 8:20 to go walk and before I even got on the path at Britt David Park to start my morning routine, my pump/monitor was beeping a low. Two downward arrows!  grrr.  I swear. I was not happy.  I ate my daughter's animal crackers and headed out to walk at about 8:40. Walked a slllloooooow mile, finishing right at about 9. Had to stop.

I swear! I have to figure this eating/exercising ratio. Last week was fine, so I know it's possible. But I can't have days like this. Even when I don't start low...last week ended with me being pretty frustrated, because the second mile I would struggle. My legs would be really tired. Where is all my energy! This whole exercising thing should be getting easier and easier as i go along... but it's not getting easier. I'm holding. Not harder, not easier, doing the same routine. Hmm.

As long as I don't stop, I guess that's good. Maybe I'm just too impatient. :D
Tell me--diabetic or not--what do you eat before exercising???
With Love,


  1. I usually walk in the evenings, after dinner - though occasionally, particualrly if it looks like rain coming in, I may try to get a quick 2 miles in before dinner. My neighborhood is set up with few cross streets, so to literally walk around the block is 2.25 miles. I rarely walk that route, though, prefering instead a loop that is about 2.34 to 3 miles - it's always fun to see if the wild turkeys are around.

    And sometimes I walk up to Grady Tract, a part of the Arboretum. It's two miles round trip, plus whatever trails I walk inside (1-2 miles).

    Yesterday I decided to visit Longenecker Gardens (pics on blog) at the Arboretum. It's a longish walk, about 6 miles roundtrip, since I have to walk up to Grady Tract and take the pedestrian tunnel under the highway over to the main body of the Arboretum. I wanted to see what trees were in bloom (quince, crabapple and magnolia).

    On the walk there I saw three hawks reeling way overhead, two deer as I walked through Grady Tract woods, and two cranes when I got to the other side of the tunnel. Between the sun and walk I was sooo tired last night, but actually slept fairly well for a change.

    1. Wow!!! That's amazing! I would like that, though. Maybe if I was distracted by my surroundings, I would be less focused on the work of walking. :D

  2. Distractions definitely help, LOL. I alwasy take my camera with me when I go out.


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