Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday--ain't Wordless today

I'm hitting up on Military Life today...
There have been a few stories going around the internet about wives who've been notified about a casualty through unofficial means. It's true... I can't imagine the horror. I can't even imagine being so dumb to make that mistake! But the mistakes happen and we're all in a boat where that seems to be the most horrible of mistakes. We can't imagine making it. But it's been made...and will be made again. *cringe* By some thoughtless fool who didn't just stay quiet. Because even if you THINK official notification has gone out, maybe it's not your place to be talking about even then.

Another Army wife blog spoke about the training to become that notifier...that caretaker. What a rough job to have. I think the person who holds that responsibility must have a deep seated faith. Beyond that though, is the order of things. Knowledge is often misunderstood or perceived as conceit. We can never be too informed. The order of things, knowing the order, will make life smooth and stress free. That's my belief. I believe that's why organizations, like the military, have existed and grown stronger. It's easy to rant about the process, the paperwork. The tedium can become... unbearable at times.

am I rambling? I feel like I'm rambling. My point is that maybe we can all take one more online class or join an FRG [family readiness group] or ask your soldier about it... and better understand the inner workings of Armyland.

Wow. I just had a revelation....
More people should take this advice for lots of things.

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  1. Hearing about the death--or even serious injury--of a loved one second or third hand--or through the media--would be difficult for anyone, whether military or not. There is good reason the names of victims are withheld until next of kin can be notified.

    It can be equally horrifying later, to realize that an incident you had been hearing about in the news all day, or for several days, involved family or someone you knew. This happened to me and my sister, summer of 1986. All day long we heard about a truck vs bicyle accident on the radio that had killed a young woman. I think maybe it was providence that had us watching a movie later that afternoon that ended after the evening news started, when the name of the victim was released.

    Our parents were already home from work and my mom was visiting with a neighbor when she heard our friend's name on the news. Friends of ours were not so lucky and heard about it directly from the evening newscast. It's bad enough that close friends might hear of a tragedy through some form of media (be it TV, radio, blog, twitter, whatever); family shouldn't have to.


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