Monday, April 16, 2012

The best laid plans....

Monday, trial week for blog without word verification...
I've had four spam come through in 24 hours. 
With word verification, I'd get maybe 2 a month...maybe.

Down with Spammers! I will go back to Word Verification, if it ends up being a hassle. That stinks because I know how annoying it can be.

I didn't do Sunday Summation this week. I figured since I'm doing a little series on self-publishing, it sums up what I'm doing pretty well. Tomorrow I'll finish that up. Today I'm enjoying...something. I'm not not enjoying it, that's for sure.

Bottom line, though. I could use a nap! LOL :D
And air conditioning...which we haven't caved into yet, but I'm getting close. I can't promise that during the next field training exercise the air isn't going to go on. :(  That's just the brakes...

I can do fans, all of them, with windows open, but if it hits 90? With humidity? Forget. I have my limits.
And that's one of them.


  1. Well that's an annoying statistic. I'll stop cursing word verification now. Sigh. (PS -- love your blog. Thanks!)

  2. (Though, amusingly, you've not yet reverted to word verification. Unless my comments to you are going into digital hell rather than your inbox.)

    1. digital hell. ha. nope.
      I had a couple of initial days with more spam than usual but since then it's been down again. [knock on wood] So...enjoy no word verification!!

      Thanks for visiting. If I knew who you were, I'd visit your blog back. :D Anonymity is bliss though, sometimes. I used to have a blog called Bitching Betty...and I'd go there to bitch, so I can respect that. hahaha


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