Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break is on Us

I'm looking forward to this week.
Almost positive I won't get a good bit of writing done, I'm glad I spent yesterday working through a little chunk of it. Now if I get to sit down--on the off chance--I can do a crit or two instead and not feel like I'm doing NOTHING for myself.
Anyway, I'll be a bit absent a wee bit over the next several days.
But have no worries...
I'll be lounging with drinks.
Reading for fun.
Watching television and movies.

...oh wait, it's THE KIDS' Spring Break.

I'll just be a little busier this week, entertainer extraordinaire!


  1. Yeah...we had a break a couple of weeks ago. But for two weeks before that, they had Fridays off using snow days we never had to take. Then we had Spring Break. Last week they went back to school but had Friday off again for parent-teacher conferences. And this week they're off for Good Friday. Not much writing here because I feel like I'm constantly cooking and cleaning. Enjoy your week!!

  2. Hey Chick!

    Enjoy it while they're enjoying it!

    They grow up on us too quickly!!! Then off they go, schools and girlfriends, and then they marry and move FAR away and you wait for phone calls...

    Glad you're still writing. Anything finished? You should self publish :D


    1. I've got edits coming back on a novella this week. I'm working on publishing that... :D shhh. coming in June!!! Promotion and marketing wheels are just starting to turn. I've contacted a cover artist and I'll be working on formatting and where to get the best distribution for my book. Create Space, Pub it or Amazon...etc. Lots to do.
      Plus I'm still writing!
      :D But I'm enjoying my kids right now. I've decided to start enjoying the moment again. Loving it.

  3. Our Spring Break isn't until next week! I'm looking forward to it so much....until the "I'm bored's" start, lol! I'm mostly looking forward to a more relaxed schedule and perhaps more pajama days!!!!

  4. I hope you get some time to yourself.


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