Wednesday, April 25, 2012

With Grace

When I was in my early twenties, I said I would never fight aging. I'm not going to be the lady who dies her hair every month, no crazy surgeries or therapies or what-have-you... Nope.

I am going to age with grace.

I just didn't expect it to come so soooon!!!

Do you see it?! My God! It's taking over...

I had to add this one... grandma much? I'm even sitting in a rocker. :D


  1. I wish I could allow myself to age with grace. I admire you and love the dusting of grey in your hair.

    My mom had these two perfect chunks of grey that framed her face. They looked like highlights. She always said they were signs of a well lived life. I on the other hand, obsess, and dye my hair every six weeks. Tried to let my hair go natural, but when my brother-in-law was kind enough to point out my grey when I was mid-twenties, I flipped. I say kudos to you. I think you will age with grace and style!

  2. That little dusting looks nice on you - and I admire you aging with grace. I, on the other hand - have decided to be vain and color my hair every six weeks (just like Moira!) I kind of enjoy switching it up too, so my family never knows what color I will be next. :)

  3. you all know that NOT coloring your hair has nothing to do with being graceful, right? :D I think we are all aging with grace.

  4. I'm with you, Bethanne. However we choose to embrace ourselves, let's do it.

    I don't think I was brave enough in my twenties to go red. I was a bit of a mouse. Now, I'm glad it covers the gray; but, I don't feel like I'm hiding myself. I red up my hair and I feel like I'm saying, 'Yes, you should take a second look at this chick pushing 40. There's a lot here.'

  5. Ha ha! I have always colored my hair every couple of months for fun until recently (too afraid to color it while pregnant).

    After seeing myself in a mirror accidentally (I have a brand new baby, so I try to avoid mirrors. I already know I have bags and dark circles, don't need to see them.), I went out and bought dye. I'm sad to say I chose it not because the girl on the box had gorgeous hair, but because it has 100% gray coverage! It's official. I am old.

    On a side note, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. The details are on my blog :-)

    1. It hits hard, doesn't it?! :D

      Thanks Christy!
      What an honor. Thanks for thinking of me. :)
      ...I can't find your blog and your profile isn't public. :D

      I love to visit other blogs, so come on back and leave a link!


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