Thursday, April 12, 2012

Word Verification

I have word verification set up on my blog.
Out of curiosity, anyone else have trouble reading it? I know. That's the point, in order to make sure you're real, but I mean unusually hard to read! Let me know what browser and computer you use, too!! :D
I hate when commenters get discouraged...

Thanks for the feedback!
Tomorrow, back to my regularly scheduled programing and more on Self-Publishing.
With Love,


  1. I didn't mind word verification so much, it's the new "captcha code" format blogger recently switched to that I dislike. It is a lot harder to read than the old word ver. I would love to turn it off on my own blog, but I despise being inundated by spam even more.

    It's either the aweful captcha code, or having to approve every post individually, which I am also not fond of, since it means posts may not be approved for hours or even days.

    1. Help me, Heather. Because I had a commenter say to me, You have your comment moderation ON, and your word verification OFF!!! and then something about how the word verification is hard to read. But, crazy me, I have them both on. But something's up, because a day ago, I could moderate from my inbox and just click publish, but not the email is making click the link to my moderation page. Ack! WTH is going on around here?!?!

      I think I'm just going to turn the word verification off because that's what people seem to have trouble with, and what I have trouble with, especially on Wordpress. I'll just have to moderate. But why doesn't it come to my inbox as before? Anyone know what has changed recently?

    2. I've noticed that the Blogger application doesn't always work perfectly. I've had "Reactions" turned on, but they never show up on the post. I mostly use Google's Chrome browser on my home PCs, but most of the other PCs I work from have IE.

      Sometimes the word verification can be a little hard to read, but I get it right most of the time (I have to look at it very closely, however). I have moderation on and verification off on my blogs, but I don't get a large number of comments.

  2. I don't like it at all. I would prefer someone monitor their comments than use it.

  3. Bethanne~ That is weird that it is suddenly making you go to your moderation page instead of being able to moderate from your inbox. Could it be a glitch caused by the changes/upgrade blogger is implementing? I've been resisting their prompts to "upgrade now" for as long as I can. I figure the longer I wait, the more time they have to work out any bugs.

    1. yeah, it's weird, but i've been on the new upgraded blogger for a while. I"ll have to double check my settings. Maybe I clicked something I shouldn't have. :D Thanks for coming back to chat with me!...again.


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