Thursday, May 24, 2012


The irony is, I just had a conversation about this very topic with my son and daughter last week. When to use But or And. You can't use But if there's no ...what's the word, contradiction?, you can't use it! You can't say, "I really want to go to the pool, but I love to swim." It doesn't make sense!

It's ridiculous.

So, you have to understand how flabbergasted I was when I visited an author's webpage and she used the word Although... INCORRECTLY.  Although her writing is science fiction, she does her best to encourage readers to use their imagination.  [that's not the sentence on this author's page. I've written another in order to protect the innocent...myself]

I mean, come on! That sentence makes no sense at all. It should say, Although her writing is science fiction, she often teaches people to remain levelheaded and not live in the clouds. OR, Although her writing is often considered straightforward and real, she does her best to encourage readers to use their imagination.

So, disappointing, to say the least. This writer claims to be a professional editor.
Sorry Dudette. Not gonna happen.
You gotta put your best foot forward!

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Have a great weekend, Friends, and Learn something worth using in your next manuscript.


  1. ...ouch, that's embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as the official e-mail/letter thingy that went out to all those who had unsuccessfully applied for tickets to see the Olympics, stating: "Your now eligible to re-apply for tickets." YOUR. OH MY GOD.

  2. Granted we are not all perfect and often times we have little hiccups in our writing. However, when you are putting yourself out there as an editor, you should take the time to make sure it is a true representation of your skill. Definitely not the way to gain clients, especially with the wealth of editors out there.


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