Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another Week Down

Tonight, while listening to Pandora, I named a tune during the instrumental intro... not that hard a feat, believe me. It was the song Remember When by Alan Jackson--which by the way--can only be viewed on youtube. :( Alas, my daughter was amazed!

But I responded, "a whole intro?! That's nothing. On Name that Tune people would do it in one note! One note!" So we had to get online and find an old episode of the game show. Found a few, too. It was fun. Do you remember that show?

So much fun.

Sometimes, you just have to jump the track and find something fun to do.
Do it this week.
Find something fun.


  1. I was never very good at "Name That Tune" even though I listened to a lot of music. Or sometimes, I could remember the song, but not the title!

    Do something fun this week, you say? That's going to be tough. I have to go to work (all week - deadlines again), it's supposed to rain the entire week around here, and my truck is in the shop. This is going to be a challenge...

  2. I guess you could sing in the rain, Avery. Or dance, perhaps with your wife. That might surprise her, huh? :D

    1. I almost burst out laughing when I saw your reply...

      1. I actually made a promise that if she would marry me, I'd never make her listen to me sing. So if I sing (rain or not), it will have to be out of earshot of my wife. If she did hear me, I'm not sure if she would divorce me or shoot me! I guess it depends on how bad I was...

      2. Neither of us can dance.

      So, yes, it would surprise her!

  3. I remember that show! I never was any good at it though. LOL. We put the pool up last week and we've been swimming already. Kiddo and I were out playing in it his weekend when it was almost 90 degrees. But I've got Charlie Mon-Weds so I can't get in the pool with her until it warms up. We go outside and play while Little Man swims though. ;) I let Charlie run around in her diaper and get muddy.


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