Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dulldrums and Toilets

I've hit the Dulldrums.
There doesn't seem to be much to blog about at this moment... So, in order not to bore the decent public, I won't go on too long. Kids will be home from school for good in a week. I'm looking forward to it. I remember feeling that way last year, too. Must be a new phase of life I'm going through.

Also, about the toilets. I was thinking of my daughter the other day. She has a very melodramatic and angry reaction to toilets not being flushed. She's 12. Maybe she'll mellow out in the far future. But for now, the trauma of continually finding the toilet NOT flushed has left her jaded. And it's a big deal. I don't believe she'll ever be able to marry someone who has toilet issues or is careless in their toilet habits. The words deal-breaker come to mind.

It occurs to me that I don't have any characters who truly grate on each other's nerves. My characters, even when they are in conflict, often display my laidback temperament. [don't laugh, honey...I am laidback!] I would like to write a book in a vein of that annoying bickering that can both drive you crazy and make you want the MCs to get together. I have just the scenario, too. :D Yippeee! I love when a story develops while I'm not sitting in front of the computer.

So, what's your deal-breaker pet peeve?


  1. I don't think I could be married to a slob. LOL. I'm constantly working with the kids to clean up after themselves which is big enough...but the husband does it and it irritates me to no end. I'm not a violent person but have wanted to throw things at him occasionally. :D

  2. My pet peeve -

    Person: "So, what are yo studying at uni? Art? Media? Dance?"

    Me: "Actually, I do medieval history."

    Person: *Goes wide eyed and blinks a lot.* "Oh wow, that sounds really...interesting..."

    1. Don't take it personally... they either understand or they don't. Always loved reading about the plagues during those times.

  3. Someone who does unpleasant things while eating. Could be noises, could be other things I don't wish to think about during my lunch break here.

    I always seem to have an office mate with those unfortunate skills...

    1. OMG, yes. recently, someone stood behind me and chewed loudly and wetly... even though I was sitting at my computer doing something, even interacting with them, I had to get up. Interrupt the conversation and move away from the too-short distance that person had created...while eating. It was a new experience for me. :D

    2. Chewing loudly and wetly... Gack!

      You have my deepest sympathies!

  4. Men in flip-flops. Big time deal-breaker when I was young and dating (in fact, hubby just bought his first pair of flip-flops to wear in the yard this year - after being married 25 years. LOL)
    I guess I've mellowed.

  5. Too many to name, however one that sticks out to me is spitting. Not just your average spit either. Like clearing your throat and then spitting out the window of the car, as your walking, in the garage, etc. Now that you've lost your appetite....


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