Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Summations -- Cover Reveal

Here's something ironic.
I decided at the beginning of this year I was going to independently publish a novella. A short novel. You know that story...and I've had fun doing it, too. [hey! wanna see my cover?! :D] Me too! I'll show you after I talk about what's going on in my writing world.

Irony: having an editor email me and show interest in one of my well as a series I have written and partially written. Whoohoo! So excited about that. :D The timing is perfect. I'll already have my name out there with my indie...and vice versa, my indie will attract attention that I'll be able to direct to any book I get published through a company. Win-win.

OTOH, showing interest is not exactly a contract, so my fingers are still crossed. :)

And now...for the good stuff.... COVER REVEAL!

Prettiest cover ever. And Elaina Lee from For the Muse Design is completely responsible. If you ever need cover art... or web design. She is amazing!

PS If I mentioned that I was still looking for a title, I'm not anymore!! :D


  1. Love it! Saying prayers and fingers crossed that all your cards fall into place.

    1. Thanks Steph! I love that you're following my blog. :)

  2. Good luck with the editor...

    ...and don't forget us little people when Oprah starts calling!

  3. Love your cover art and your story. I'm not exactly at you level yet, but I have a lot of respect for fellow indie authors. It is hard and I hope this works out for you!

    Much Love,
    Queen B

  4. This has been a long time coming. Putting this book out there on your own and having editor interest at the same time is so long overdue and well deserved. Very proud of you and so excited! Can't wait to have a book by Bethanne Strasser on my nook! Love ya Irish!

  5. I know you're busy, but it's been almost a week since your post. Any news?

    BTW, I mentioned your blog in a comment on Ellora's latest 'Word by Word' post, "".


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