Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Count Down Day 3 with Moira Keith

Welcome Moira! Thanks for coming over and blogging for me. It's Day THREE on my countdown to release!! Whoot!


If you were to ask me how I felt about helping out Bethanne with her release party by doing a guest blog post here on her site and to describe it in one word—I couldn't. Thrilled would be an understatement. Ecstatic? Nah—doesn't work either. Perhaps I should quit while I'm ahead and get down to business? Definitely!

I had no idea what to talk about today. Could talk about how I met Bethanne and we became the closest of friends, but that's a tale to regale you with another time. Like when we're fifty and sitting in rocking chairs at the old folks home and going through our 'remember when' phase. Instead I've decided to dish on something that I've seen is central to a lot of celebrations—especially seeing as how my darling friend has a thing for cakes and has asked each of her guests about the delectable dessert.  The only logical thing to do at that point was talk about cakes!

Of course, there is something I love more than talking about cake, and that's baking them. In small portions of course. You see, I'm a cupcake baking addict. Wait—it gets worse. My favorites include alcohol in them. I've even taken it a step further and started including that obsession passion into my writing. My current work in progress is a prime example of that. The heroine owns a cupcake store and she is a witch. Weaving in that element has been fun. It takes the writing to a different level for me. Allows me to incorporate something I love from my life, into that of my characters. Cupcakes I've shared in and off the page? Classic lime and strawberry margarita cupcakes, Bailey's Irish Crème cupcakes, and even an Irish Boilermaker have made their way into my hero's hearts as well as those of friends and family.

Other things I'm passionate about (or more aptly obsessed with) are things that are Celtic or magical. Those are themes that creep into many of my stories as well. And as we are speaking of passions and the way they weave their way into writing, I know my darling friend here has a passion for faith and family. Those themes work their way into her stories on a fairly consistent basis. So I must ask, what are some of your passions that work themselves into your writing? And if you are a reader, do you have favorite authors who's passions are evident through their works either due to a common theme or element you've noticed that pops up?


  1. Great post, Moira! But we need one of those cupcake recipes!! LOL
    I must be pretty passionate about humor. I tend to use it a lot in my books and I notice my favorite authors tend to rely on it a lot too. :)

  2. Could I have a lime and strawberry margarita please - with or without the cupcake.
    Hmm - I guess I'm passionate about animals, I have a whole load and if I ever make enough money, I'd like to run a dogs home. But I don't often bring animals into my writing (though my current ms does have a three legged mongrel called Spot!)

  3. cupcake sounds good.
    Last night, I had a dream about pogo sticks and porn...isn't that weird?

    I think my passion is often focused on family...church. I've found that my characters often find or have a turning moment in a sacred place, like a church or while out in nature.

  4. Aw, man, you're killing me, woman!! Either get your booty out here and make me some of those cuppies or UPS them. LOL. I've got to try that recipe!!

    Great post! I think some could say my passion would be the western/country lifestyle in my writing. Um...cowboys, maybe? LOL.

  5. Chelle, I would have to come and make the cupcakes for you in person. They don't travel well (or that's the excuse I'm using). Besides, ambiance and great company enhance the cupcake eating experience you know.

    Jennifer, when I start posting cupcake recipes I will let you know!

    Nina dear, you can have both the cupcakes and the margaritas! I will volunteer to come to Spain and serve them in person.

    and Bethanne... um pogo sticks and porn? What did you eat before bed last night?!

  6. Lime and strawberry margarita? Yum, sounds divine!

    Can't wait for release day, Bethanne. Very exciting.

    And I'm guessing neither one of you will be ready for the old folks home at fifty. Might want to put that one off a bit. :) At least until sixty. lol!

  7. Great interview by an awesome writer.

    Passions in my writing? Hmm...not sure. Good question, though. :)

  8. Definitely need one of the those Bailey's cupcakes - you've got to post the recipe!
    I'm going to go with chocolate and coffee as my obsessions, a chocolate martini suits me just fine! (And there is usually at least one reference to chocolate in all my books!)
    Fun interview

  9. Deb, I will let you know when I post the recipe. I promise. :)

  10. First of all...fifty and in rocking chairs? Come on, Moira...be real. You're gonna be tearing it up and writing about Celtic and wolf hotties at least until you're 107. I foresee it. :) And the cupcakes...you know how I feel about them and the fact that you don't like to share your recipes very freely. Buuut since I must suffer in that regard, I suppose I can be bribed with reading about them in the witch story. At least until my birthday (when I DO expect a UPS delivery whether they travel well or not ;) ). Love ya!


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