Saturday, June 16, 2012

Home Again, Home Again, Riggidy Jig

...and I honestly wish I'd never left. The. Worst. Vacation. Ever.

The feelings of crap that culminated from this vacation are still going strong and overshadowing just about everything in my life right now.

Even the decent sales I'm making on my new book have paled...and I find them to be a joke.

I guess that's what happens when you wreck your mother-in-law's van and get a ticket.

I know mistakes happen, accidents happen. But why the F do they keep happening to me? Now I'm in a bit of a slump. I suppose we all have slumps, which is why I don't mind sharing with you. I'll come out of it. That's part of my nature, too. I bounce back from crap, whether I'm jumping in it or it's being flung at me... or both.

Enjoy the weekend. With Love,

PS when I'm feeling better about life, in general, maybe I'll post a few pictures from our week in Florida. Eventually, I'll need to remind myself that there were a few good moments....


  1. Why do they keep happening to you? That's easy. Because they happen to everyone. I've had the accidents, the tickets, all the bad stuff that seems to hit at the wrong time. So have a lot of others. Read Ami.Mental's blog on that, for instance.

    And coming off the high of your first book, the lows seem that much worse.

    And even if the books sales aren't quite what you'd hoped, they're still more than I have sold (that would be zero) and more than most of us trying to be writers have sold. It will build over time and when you have more books out there. You don't get much exposure with just one book.

    You didn't mention anyone being hurt in the accident, and you still have your kids, your husband, and a future.

    That's pretty good, you know!

    1. This is all very true, Avery. Crap happens at the worst time. :( LOL :D NO one was hurt.

      My book is doing well, even if it's not making millions. The point being, I didn't expect a ton and it's good to have a backlist for down the road. More books, more exposure. I'm not disappointed!! Not at all.

  2. Oh, Bethanne! I'm so sorry... That stinks! Praise God no one was hurt! Love you!


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