Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rain, Rain

Go away! Come again some other day.
Little Strassers want to play.
Rain, rain go away.

Gonna have a full week of family time and a little bit of writing.
If I promised you a blog post, but haven't gotten it to you yet [avery, in particular], I'll get back with you next weekend!! :D

Sometimes, we all just need a break.
Enjoy your week.


  1. No rush on the blog post, Bethanne! You deserve some down time after the last week. And I've been working so much overtime I haven't really been able to keep up on the blogs as much as I'd like.

    Also, I'm reading your book now - when I get time. Done about 30 pages so far, and it's been fun reading it. But being new to "romance" novels, I may have some questions later!

  2. I know it's been raining here too.
    Enjoy your break.


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