Sunday, July 29, 2012

Holding Back

At the start of the Homily today at church, I wrote a check to put in the basket. Not alot... cuz, well, I didn't want to give it all away. ya know? I was thinking about donuts and coffee for afterwards... :P and payday in two days.

Then we heard the story of the fishes and loaves. A little boy came forward and gave all he had. It's a story that's retold six times in the bible, said the priest, signifying its importance. A miracle happened that day because the boy GAVE ALL HE HAD. If we're looking for miracles, looking for God's work in our lives, looking for that break from the stress and strain of modern living, maybe we need to give all we have, too. Then, miracles will happen.

After contemplating for a few moments, I leaned over to my husband and whispered, "I might need to rewrite that check."

haha. Of course, giving means more than money... time, attitudes, work, play. It's all encompassing. :)

Writing is happening slowly, too slowly for me, but i'm so excited about our prospective new house...and it's fifth bedroom/office. I'm able to sit back a little while the kids are home from school, because I know in a month, the house will be quiet again [except for Darla] and I'll have more time to write. I like how today's sermon even applies to my writing. And it can apply to just about every aspect of life.

Looking forward to Autumn and what the change in season will bring.
Have a great week, friends.
With Love,

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  1. That is a great lesson. Love how you can be my spiritual touchstone at times when I need it most as well as one of my best friends.

    I agree, the writing is going slowly isn't it? Maybe it's the whole "lazy days of summer" attitude that just seems to leech over from the kids summer break? Though in your case it's not a matter of lazy days attitude, it's just out of sorts and not yet settled...

    Hugs, life will be on track again soon. Can't wait to see the new digs!


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