Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Friday!

Another week closer to our new home...
Another week closer to a new release!!

I'm working my way through a final revision in hopes of getting my new book, Dark Summer, out the first week of September. Like the name suggests, it's not the light contemporary romance I published in June. It's a bit grittier but it will still capture your heart and the characters will leave you wanting more. Most of all, I think you'll recognize them. A married couple, you'll see yourself in their relationship... the best of all relationships: marriage--irritations, flaws, quirks, all mixed with the grace and humor that makes a good couple last.

I'll have a cover for you soon. Wheee! ...ha, hopefully anyway. I have to contact my cover lady and see when she can get a cover done. All tentative... so I can't give you dates yet.

But now I'm somewhat accountable and with the kids starting school soon, it's time to buckle down, I guess. :P Yuck. It's so easy to sit around and stare at the mountains! They're just sitting there! Always there, begging for attention.

Enjoy the weekend friends.
With Love,


  1. Ah, so that's what you've been up to!

  2. Also, I've put a post with link on my blog with the new price for "For Love or Duty."
    ( )

    I've seen other writers change prices to see how it affects sales, trying to find the proper price point. Let us know if it makes a difference! I'm trying to learn all I can from you "published" writers - someday, I'll have enough together to do it myself! This working for a living and doing stuff around the house hasn't left much time for writing lately...

    When your next book is out, I'll post a link for that one, too.

    Good luck!


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