Thursday, September 13, 2012

Secret Ballot

I really wish people took secret ballot seriously.
I know I'm my own worst enemy by joining places like Facebook and Google+ or whatever it is...twitter, but I don't really care what you vote. I don't want to know what you vote. I don't want to hear how you think I believe a bunch of lies.

I like you.

I don't need to know your politics to know I like you and we can get along. We have things in common.

This is me, once again, sick of election year. Avoiding the news, avoiding--as much as possible--social media. Trying with all my heart to remember that my right to choose includes my political stance.

Hope you're all having a good week.
With Love,


  1. Whenever I write a comment on a blog that's longer than the blog post, I always feel like I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know any other way around this...

    We've never met, never actually spoken to one another. I doubt I've ever been closer than 500 miles from you. The only communication we've had is through postings and comments on our blogs. I'm not even sure I'd recognize you if we passed briefly on the street. Yet it disturbs me when I sense that you're hurting or have been hurt in some way. It disturbs me even more when I think that I may have added to that pain.

    I made a comment on your previous post that could be viewed as a political comment. It actually wasn't, but I can understand how it could be interpreted that way, and I had reservations about posting it. If it in any way made you uncomfortable, I apologize. And if that's the case, please feel free to delete it. I won't take offense! It's your blog and you have the right to monitor it as you see fit.

    In the future, I promise that:

    1. I won't tell you if I voted or how I voted (if I did vote)
    2. I won't bring up anything political on your blog (or mine - they aren't political either)
    3. I'll think twice about any comments I make before posting them. I can't promise that I won't say something inane, but I will at least had to have been dumb twice in a row to do so

    If you should ever wish to ask anything or discuss any subject, political or not, you can always contact me through e-mail (it's in my profile somewhere). You've earned that with all the information you've given me about writing / publishing and allowing me to follow your exploits on your blog.

    Well, that's about enough for now.

    Looking forward to your next book!

    1. OMG Avery! I have no idea what comment you are talking about [but I will go back and look]...and I certainly am NOT talking about you. I have no idea what your political preferences are. I gave up guessing people's political bent long ago, because I've found that I'm about 50% of the time wrong. And who cares anyway, eh? :D It might be slightly more obvious what my political party preferences are... or perhaps it's just more obvious to me! Because I know what it is. haha. Still, Please, no censure here...unless you've a mind to come in and actually be mean. I do like people to be nice.

      Mostly, though. You can take my words at face value. I really am just tired of how up front and in your face election year has become. And how extreme emotions seem to be on both sides. We all really do want the same thing: peace, prosperity, happiness. Of course our ideas about getting those things are different.

      I've hidden about half of the people on my newsfeed on Facebook. It's just hard to keep seeing things that also insult me. Like... I'm too informed to vote republican. Or--an incredibly crass[er] insult, and I'm still not sure who this one is insulting--No one ever said, that's a good piece of elephant. I mean, come on... who is that bumper sticker insulting? As amusing as it seems, I'm sure the decent and upstanding democrats I know would consider that crass. Because we all know the phrase itself is demeaning.

      Anyhooo...FOR SURE, you need to release your conscience from any guilt or bad feelings. :D I've enjoyed our blog hopping and the friendship that has ensued.


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