Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Where were you when the lights when out?

With family on Long Island and the east coast, my heart goes out to all those who, homes, power. If you're thinking an Armageddon journey...Colorado's looking pretty good! Otherwise, take care of each other out there.

...and if you're one of the crazies who decided to hang tough...ON FIRE ISLAND, shame on you. First Responders should have you last on their list. [That's my crank coming out.] My own family originates from Great River, which is on the Great South Bay. So as a kid, I spent many summers back and forth from Long Island to Fire Island on my Grandpa's boat. It's times like this that makes me nostalgic for those days.

A special prayer goes out to my husband's cousin who, for the second time, has lost everything in a fire. Thank God for the safety of our families on the East Coast. May they all find peace after this upheaval and tragedy. Amen.

Happy Halloweenie to all you young and young at heart!
Last but not least, tomorrow is DAY ONE of National Novel Writing Month, and like an idiot and have put off [okay, I have to stop because my daughter just asked if I was alive during the Great Depression]....moment of silence...[back on track]. I have put off a task that is going to be time consuming. Mad at myself, I spent the late part of the evening getting mad at my husband for no reason at all... And that makes perfect sense, of course. :P *eyeroll* Don't worry. I apologized.

Man! It's just so easy to throw off those frustrations and irritations!

Just so you know? I wrote 22K in October. I think that's a good sign of what I can do for November because I did NOT push myself a ton in October. I wrote more than I usually do, but--no late nights, no extra early mornings, etc. To all you Nano-ers, Good Luck! Happy Writing!


  1. I thought I was the only one who got mad at her husband for no reason. :) It's my superpower! Happy Halloween and see you bright and early Thursday morning for Nano!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your husband's cousin's loss, but at least s/he was able to get out. I have a niece at Adelphi, on Long Isalnd. Have not heard from/about her, but saw on their website that there were (thankfully) no injuries reported during the storm, and limited power has been restored to campus. Still waiting for news from/of a friend in Jersey, though. Here, all we saw from Sandy were high winds. Good luck with NANO!


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