Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Summations

There is only one thing to speak of today...

Since October first I have written every day for at least 2 hours. When November hit and my goal increased by 30K I started doing closer to 3 or 4. Only one thing has become EXTREMELY apparent to me. ONE!

I would KILL for a desktop computer that ran as well as my laptop. I don't use my desktop because it's a dinosaur. The kids use it, but it is soooo slow. And it's so out-dated, it doesn't load new programs or update the programs it has. Everyday it gets worse!!

Aaand, back to the ONE THING. My neck and back are sore. Laptops suck because you're basically looking at your hands the entire time you type. And if you want to keep your back straight and a nice angle at your elbows, your head is down. Which is where the subtle neck strain comes in. This isn't like whiplash...

But I think after a month and a half...I would give anything to be able to work at the desk top with a screen at face level. That's the new goal. :D


  1. Bethanne, I felt the same way - I just got a brand new laptop that's fast and wonderful, but I hated how I had to sit and how it made my back sore. So, I bought a laptop riser (similar to this one) and I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse, so I can use a normal keyboard and not the laptop one! Solved my problem, might help you too!
    Good luck. :)

  2. thanks Deb! I need to do some desk top comp shopping too. Do a few price checks, maybe even go down to the computer guys and ask them how much for a computer with certain specifications. I don't need much! just windows and word and modem capabilities. :D

  3. I would get a computer screen, a keyboard and a mouse, connect them to the lap top when working at home, and voilá, you can sit by your lap top as if it was a regular proper computer.


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