Sunday, December 30, 2012


How does the New Year look from the rear?
It looks a little FAT.
Like it needs some discipline and maybe a good run or two.
It looks like it needs to cut out carbohydrates!

Still, the year is anxious to get started.
It has big plans. And I just hope I can keep up.

Overall, I have five manuscripts to write this year and at least two or three more that I'll be editing and revising and subbing to publishers. I plan to stay very busy...and happy, too. I love writing!

This will be the first year in two years where I don't have to move. No grand plans, no change in career, no roller coaster. I'm sitting up, leaning forward into the New Year, and hoping for success. I hope you'll stick with me and stop in for a visit every now and again.

God Bless 2013!
With Love,


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