Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14, 2012 -- A point in Time

Today, 26 people were killed at an elementary school in Connecticut, 18 of them children. I have to write that down...hold it close to my heart...make sure it's there for the years to come when I decide to look back on life. I can only imagine the heartache. It's not possible to write, in fiction, the sadness people are feeling today, and I keep having this urge to go get my kids from school.

Two parts make a killer--the mind and the weapon.
It's okay to admit that you want a change...I admit, I want a change [no, not Obama]. If that means gun laws, I'm willing to go along. This is not a revelation for me. It's just bone-weary sadness over the tragedy that has struck our nation once again. Something has to give. Something has to change...

I know the answer. Any Christian knows the answer. Unfortunately, the world does not know the answer. So instead we will continue to try to moralize the law. It's impossible, of course. Changing the laws will not fix that 20 year old's mind. The laws will not heal a killer, nor will the laws make guns disappear.

Today I was called an Asshole.
It bothered me a good bit.

After the lengthy, bullshit election year, I have to admit, being called an asshole was like icing on the cake. I want to bite back. I want to shut the world up and tell them all to mind their own F-ing business. I want a nice deserted island where I don't have to deal with people at all...ever, even if they are sort of family.

I want to know how a young man can shoot a gun 26 times...and no one stops him. How? How does this happen? How can this country survive in this divided state. It is true that a tragedy like this is merely a symptom. I fear what our country will go through in the after-math of this tragedy.

I grieve for the families...
I pray for peace.
With love,


  1. It´s really sad. This notice ran the world and no one can understand how and why yhis kind of things happen.

  2. Of all the people who are out there screaming for change, only a handful can even have an intelligent discussion on the topic. Even fewer recognize that change starts on an individual level.

  3. So many issues here, but the decline of our society and it's moral compass is really a discussion we NEED to have now. We've gone off the path and look where it's leading us? Not to a place I want my children to live.

    You most certainly are NOT an asshole, Bethanne. You've got a good heart and a good soul - don't let the naysayers get you down.


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