Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another one bites the dust?!

Never going to buy from Best Buy again.
That's all I have to say... I take that back, I'm too much of a talker for that to be all I have to say. LOL

I sent my laptop in because the drawer was broke...yes, again.
They email me to tell my my motherboard is bad and they're going to replace the whole damn thing. [yes, I just swore.] Part of me wants my computer back. I mean, seriously...it was working just fine when I handed it over! Give it back! Prove that it's bad...

I'm having a hard time trusting these Geeks. I haven't spoken to my husband yet, so I don't know if we'll take their replacement Toshiba or the money they deem my laptop is worth for something to replace my laptop. I'm a little ticked over the whole process. If I do insist on my computer and it's bad, I don't even get the replacement. Then i'm out a computer all together. That's not good at all.

...and don't start with me about Apples! I don't care if Apple has in-store fixes! I like my Windows! I just need to get a PC company to do what Apple does. That's the resolution I'm looking for!


  1. Wish I had something positive to say, besides I hope it gets resolved soon. Hugs

  2. Wow! You're not having much luck with computer hardware these days... But your laptop now matches perfectly to that external hard drive I tried to resurrect for you (I still can't get anything useful from the drive even with help from some geeks I know (not from "Beast" Buy), but I haven't had the heart to take it to the dump...).

    I hope that whatever you decide works out - and that your file backup plan is still working!

    1. You said it, KEvin! Jiminy Cricket. There are so many words to say here... did you know your Black Tie Protection plan really only covers ONE send in repair? On the second one, they boot you a knew computer. I didn't really know that otherwise, I wouldn't have sent the damn thing in to fix the drawer. a disk drawer, yes. A perfectly fine workign computer...that BB SAYS has something wrong with the motherboard. I asked my computer guy about this. He said motherboards DO go...but a lot of times, there can be something wrong with the motherboard that doesn't effect the functionality of the computer. Or that can be easily fixed without replacing the whole thing. I am never going to Best Buy again. Anyhooo. Haven't seen you in a while, but I can't complain because I'm not getting out very much myself into the blog world. :D Glad you stopped by!! And yeah!!! My back up plan worked! I didn't lose any of my work. :D


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