Friday, February 15, 2013


I like to think of Life as one big Edit.
Right? Everyday we get a chance to fix what happened the day before, the year before, or the ten years before. It's a constant writing of something new only to be edited the following day. Or maybe for once we have that perfect editing needed.

RIGHT! Ha. It's just not that likely.

And when we get the final product [when our days are over] there are still edits that could have happened. Typos... even huge plot holes. In any case, the lesson this week is to just get your stuff out there. Make it happen.

Edit! Then move on. Write something new. Create.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.
With Love,


  1. It's that rejection letter at the end that really smarts!

    "Sorry," Peter said, standing stoically in front of the big gates. “What you’ve written doesn’t quite meet our standards.”

    1. hahaha. :D That made me laugh. *cough* oh, the possibilities! Editors have been taking crap for years, though. So has heaven, I'm sure. A little forgiveness[eraser], a little mercy[revisions]...and voila! Acceptance.

      Well, that's what we're all hoping, anyway. :P

  2. Write something new, create. Edit. What a great idea and a great way to look at the days and problems that have come and gone. Sometimes we have to go back and mend a few fences - it's all to make the story of our lives stronger, right?
    Enjoy your weekend too!


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