Thursday, April 4, 2013


Maybe I'm the only one...
but there is a sense of slavery in the air.
It's there when I get on FB.
After an unfortunate confrontation on Facebook yesterday, I can't help but think. Think, think, think.

I don't like Facebook...
yeah, yeah. It's good for keeping up with family and posting pictures of family.
I get that, and being in the military--never close to our extended family--I appreciate it.

I went through my friend list yesterday and it hit me...more than half of my "friend" list are people who I haven't spoken to in over ten years, are people I'm acquaintances with, are people I'm in business with... don't worry, I fixed that.

But what is this need to know everyone's business? To be more concerned with a person's politics or our own politics [or morals] than with just loving people. We've become a society slaved by confrontation. By differences. It's not about people anymore. It's about what they believe.

Before FB, I met people face-to-face. I liked people because of our similarities... the fact that we both like romance, that we both like kids, and that we go to the same church.

So, why? Why are we, and people in general, so concerned with socialisms...politics.
Why do we use social networking as a way to be the loudest? To get a point across? Why can't we all be in the same "room" and talk about what makes us the same? Or, and here's something...

Quiet. Quiet is nice, too.
Life has become loud since everyone joined Facebook.
If you don't see me around on FB in the future, or maybe you'll see me more on my author page [which, btw, has no newsfeed], you know why. I'm looking for quiet, looking for the real in people again.


  1. I know I liked it better when I didn't everyone's political views too. I try very hard to keep my facebook very light - yes, there are those occasions I fall off and spout my rhetoric...but you're right it is confrontational and loud.

  2. Yet another excellent reason why I am NOT on Facebook. I figure if people really cared to know how I was or keep in touch they would actually make an effort. The Internet in general has made people lazy, and FB and Twitter just exacerbate the problem.

    1. So true, Heather! Lazy is a good description. And careless...

  3. I've subscibed to FB, but am not addicted to it. I agree with Heather
    s point that the Internet has made people lazy.


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