Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Deep in the Stuff--another apology post

I really hate these, but it's human nature to feel this urge to apologize and make excuses for not blogging...

It's ridiculous, actually. I mean, the assumption is that anyone cares. And it implies responsibility to the virtual universe, which I'm not claiming. haha.

Anyway, long time no see.

Summer is in full swing, as you can tell. I'm loving this freedom from the schedule. I think perhaps I will enjoy retirement and the empty nest phase of life. I just love not having any routine or structure. I want to sit and write as the whim calls me!!  :D I love not having to get on the road by 0700 hours in order to get the kids to school.

That's not to say that we have nothing to do...

The kids seem happy with only the usual bouts of boredom that every mother expects. We're breaking that up with activities, television, friends, outings.

On the writing note, I'm working my way through the ending of this manuscript, Winter Craze. I have another manuscript in mind to start working on, and I have revisions that I'll be working on through July. The story I sent to Samhain was well-received and they told me if I wanted to make a few changes, they'd look at it again. Whoot! That's a revise and resub. Yikes! I'm busy!

And I'm loving every minute of it.
Hope everyone is enjoying summer like I am.
Don't forget to take a moment to stop and smell the roses.
With love,


  1. I care beth! I like hearing your stories etc
    -Cousin Colleen

    1. Just got a tear in my eye... *sniff*
      Thanks Colleen. Thanks for following along.

  2. I'm not sure you're blogging so much less, but you're blogging on different sites now, like the HSG site. People just have to learn to keep up with you! Plus, when you have "real" writing to do (manuscripts), it's hard to justify the time to put up a blog post unless there's something important to say.

    No need to apologize!

    1. So true, KR!!!

      If you get a chance, you have to watch this story. It's so inspiring. I'm totally inspired by it. And know that if I want to do what they have done, I'd have to cut out almost all internet activities. My best bet would be to disconnect the wifi completely, lose the phone, etc. LOL :D :D Dare i??? I think I do. I do. But then I would probably miss out on a lot of the social networking that more and more publishers are expecting nowadays. Do you think it's possible to keep up with the internet by being online only once a week? A weekly visit to the library or something??

    2. I think it may depend on what you are doing if the time on the Internet is useful or not. I know I've had to cut down on the blogging (partly because I've been doing overtime and weekend work on my day job since about February), but I use the resources for research, checking grammar/spelling rules, and similar things almost every day. Could I go a week without it? Sure, but I don't know if it would make me that much more productive. Plus, I use Google Docs for some purposes in my writing, so I need to connect for that.

      If you're deep into a novel, however, it could be more of a distraction that it's worth. Just let your blog followers know ahead of time and I don't think they'll complain!

    3. Well, i think it's more a matter of discipline for me. I don't think cutting myself off is the answer. I need to work on ways to be more productive, without getting rid of the internet!! There's way too much to do, especially in the publishing industry, to cut myself off completely.

    4. I looked at the link and I guess I'm going to have to add some steamy romance to my horror stories!

      It does reaffirm that romance is the genre that gets the most attention (horror is down the list a good bit from the analysis I've done so far). It also appears that authors have a better chance of making a financial success at writing with a novel-length piece than with short stories. Unfortunately, I don't think I have anything that could be made into something that long. I guess I'll have think about that for some future work!

    5. Two very good points.
      Write more, write long. :D
      Try romance, it's a huge seller.

  3. Good luck with the revisions. As Will Self says, it's all in the editing.


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