Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Snippets -- The Pitch

Thursday, I pitched to Carly Silver at Harlequin Publishing for their Special Edition Line. :D

This is what I threw at her....

Single mom, Samantha Hollister, returns to her hometown in search of a safe haven to bring up her daughter, only to find her beloved family home sold to her childhood sweetheart. Former soldier, Morgan Lawrence, plans to convert the house into a hunting lodge for wounded soldiers. He hasn’t let a missing leg stop him, so he’s not about to let a certain feisty ex-girlfriend stand in his way, either. Years ago, following their own dreams tore Sam and Morgan apart. Now they have a second chance. This time, can they bring their different dreams together and learn to love?

This was her response: ...after a lot of questions that made me spew nerve-induced, incoherent answers, which also made me think, "that makes no sense at all!"

She wants to see a proposal. Yippee. Not a resounding, "I love it!" But the chance to convince her it's an awesome story. I sent it. No grass growing under these feet, I swear. I have too much to do!!

Have a great weekend, friends.
With Love,


  1. Sounds like the basis for a story, perhaps all it needs is some more fleshing out (no pun intended) of the conflict between the two. Good luck!

    And you sure like that name "Morgan"!

    1. hahaha. OMG. That is too funny, Kevin!

      Of course, I forgot all about Kevin Morgan from my release last year. I need a spread sheet... I think I have a few versions of Margaret through my stories too. All secondary characters, but still. Sheesh.


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