Friday, September 13, 2013

Saturday Snippets

Winter Craze, or also called, Another Shot in the Dark by Me

...Grabbing her arm, Tan pulled her against him, wrapping his arms around her chest and giving her a lift off the ground. Wow, she was light.

Immediately, she threw her head back, catching the side of his jaw. Pain shot through his temple. He groaned, the surprise making him drop her. She slammed her foot onto his instep, elbowed his gut, which left him breathless, then turned and kneed him in the groin.

He moaned and slowly lowered himself to the floor so he could lie in the fetal position. Holy Crap. Taken down by a sparkling princess. Thank God he was the only one around today.

She leaned over, and her hair brushed against his cheek. “How about you tell my dad I passed, and we’ll call it even.”

Not in a million years, he promised as she picked up her bag and walked out the door....


  1. Your Tweet says, "I love a kick-ass heroine." Sounds like something else got kicked, but then again, I never took an anatomy class.

    And I see you have a "coming soon" spot reserved! Is there a book cover being prepared?

    1. LMAO. Oh! What a great way to start my Sunday. Too true. I'll have to think about that one... Kick-[blank] Heroine.

      And yes, hopefully. There's a book, so there better be a cover!! Of course, it might not come out for a bit, but it'll be there eventually.

      No official release day, either. Just "November" so hopefully I'll get that, too.


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