Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Summations

Why is it that we're always learning? changing? discovering?

I think, in ten years, I've only figured out that nothing stays the same.

This makes branding myself a bit of an issue. If you're on my blog, you can see I made changes again. I've had a pretty 'cutest blog on the block' design up for a while. I knew it didn't really suit my writing, but I was okay with that for now. Even if I write on the darker side, I'm still a girl. I like pink and flowers and snazzy designs.

But the rule of promotion says to "Brand" myself. Make sure people can recognize me no matter where I show up online. This isn't a writer's rule, either, btw. We all recognize certain ideas, logos, themes when it comes to businessess whether they are online or off line.

This past week, I started messing around with my facebook page and my blog and my twitter. It's different. Not permanent, perhaps. Eventually I'd like to have my own domain involved and an actual Bethanne Design created that really IS me. But that will cost money!! So, I'll make do until then...

I think part of my problem is that I get bored. I like the change. Probably part of the reason I've enjoyed sharing a life with my husband who has moved us several times in 15 years. I get on my blog a couple times a year and I start messing with it. changing font, changing design, changing my bio.

So, there it is, the new design. It's fun, different, darker, and winner of the Most Likely to Change award at the graduation banquet. ;)

Let's Summate! [I don't think that's a word, but I don't care]
{ I'm editing. } <--that's the nutshell, btw. ha! doesn't it kind of look like a walnut?

I've written a lot of novellas over the last couple of years. I remember when I hit that phase. I'd written a half dozen full length novels, and I think I was tired. No luck came from any of those submissions, so I decided to shake things up. I'd heard that writing short helps focus your writing. That when every word counts, I would need to make every word count!! So I started writing shorter stories, 30K.

Two years later, I'm ready to go back. I've learned alot in writing them. I HAVE improved my abilities [I think], but now I'm sitting here with comments like... "if you made this longer, you could develop the characters more and really give the reader a better feel for them. Invest the reader!" and "I'm sorry. I don't review novella length. It might be a great story, but I just don't read them. Too many times I find I'm wanting more."

For me, that's okay. I do have a novella length coming out in November. But it's a Christmas story, so I think it will do well. People are more likely to pick up a themed shorter story. I am, anyway!! Something to get me in the spirit. :D This also means that I've had to rethink a few stories I'm working on now--like I said, editing. I think it's time to open the gates--so to speak. Time to bring the shorter novels up a step. Really get into the characters' heads, find the kinks. Find what I was missing before.

And then I'll see. :)
I was going to write something new this fall.
I don't know how that is going to happen, but if all else fails, I think in December I will take a break from all this editing and write something new over the holidays...even if it is another Holiday Novella. ha!

Have a great week,
With Love


  1. I like the new look! Go where your heart leads...and sometimes change isn't a bad thing :)

  2. Actually, summate is a word ( and it's used pretty much the way you used it. You're smarter than you think you are!

    Also, if you have a story that you feel is complete, but isn't novel-length, maybe you could check out Kindle Singles. It might work - I'm still checking into them as a possibility for one of my stories. No guarantee they'll take it, but there's no guarantee anywhere else, either.

    I think a Christmas story would work well for you.

    Good luck!

    1. not a bad idea, KR. I'll look into it. Maybe I'll run a contest and you can win a copy of my Christmas story! :D You [or your wife] could love it! haha. No better reason to give a book away..."could" That's all we writers can hope for, a reader who looks at a book and say, I could like that. Doesn't matter then if they do or not... oh wait, I take that back. People are allowed to return books on Amazon now. Booo.

      In any case, now you've been to my blog twice in one weekend. I'm becoming an even worse blogger friend than I thought!!

    2. Think nothing of it. Between work at work, work at home, and trying to squeeze in a few lines of writing, I barely have enough time to read a few of the other entrants on the writing challenges I enter. I used to read almost all of them. I've even cut back / almost stopped writing my other blogs. There's just been too much going on during the last year.


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