Saturday, November 16, 2013

Turkey Run?

Matt and I are doing a 5K this morning. [We're going to freeze our rears off!!]

I've been thinking about this whole running thing for a [little] while. I'm okay with it, even if it's not my favorite thing in the whole world, because the idea of running [and the actual running] has added an element of discipline to my life, which wasn't there before.

And guess what?

I'm writing a lot more than I ever did five years ago. Oh, I wrote plenty back then, but it was always on a whim, never by the determination to work daily and get it done. I let my muse lead the way...

And sometimes, a person [me] needs to take success by the reins.

How about you? If it's not writing, what helps you take your own life in your hands and do something with it?


  1. That's so funny - I was thinking of going for a run myself this morning. Not a race - just a jog. Haven't done that as much as I should.

    Sitting at a desk writing is good for the mind, but terrible for the body. Some sort of physical activity is needed to balance things out. I like to run because it's a physical activity I can do and still think about writing and stories and such - especially out on the trails. It gets the blood flowing to my brain a little more than normal and cleans out the garbage.

    Anyway, I hope you do well! I want to see times posted!

    1. Hey Kevin!! I ran a lot! Did a good 70% or more of the 5K. I'm soooore today! :D My time was 45:18. Not bad for little ol' me.

    2. Congratulations!

      I did a run, too. Two miles out on the North Central Trail, made a pit stop at the rest area, then two miles back. Those last two miles were really slow. And my legs are a little sore, too. Haven't had a chance to run much.

      I would bet you have a few more hills out there than I do here!

  2. Way to go, Bethanne! I always find that discipline begets discipline... if I can get the ball rolling and do a few things, I always seem to find the motivation to do a few more things... until my back hurts! ;) Happy Monday!


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