Monday, November 11, 2013

Why Write?

Write for the fun of it...

I keep telling myself that, and it really helps as I rewrite the ending to one of my romantic suspense novels and as I start a new novel.

When I'm scared to death that no one will like my books, I have to remember--I love this story. I love these characters. They are fun. They are just what I would want to read.

Then it's okay. I don't mind that not everyone will appreciate every part of my book. If they smile at just one page, one sentence, even one word!!

I'm happy.

Stay tuned for news about the new release, book covers, and blog tours...and prizes!
Have a great week,
With Love,


  1. Whoa! Prizes! I'm in...

    How does it feel to have already sold 2 books (according to Novelrank) and it isn't even available yet?


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