Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The author's Platform...

I think a platform is great...if you have one.
But mostly, I think people selling platforms are the ones who want to help you build it.

I know that's very cynical of me. I'm a pretty cynical person in general...
The truth is, as a reader, I don't give a flying leap what the author's platform is. I don't care if she wants to save the whales or ban all guns or whatever... I just don't care.

If she writes a good story and makes me love her characters...that's all that matters. I think readers want good books. To hell with what the author wants....

That is all... :D :D
Have a great day!!
With Love,


  1. I had to come back to this post and comment....

    Author platforms seem to be the rage right now. I'm not sure I have one. I don't want folks to read my stories/poems because of my personal beliefs or causes. If I was only interested in the author's platform, I wouldn't necessarily need to read their works at all. And there are a number of writers that I read in spite of their platform.

    1. so glad you came back!! I agree with you....I hate that they are they "Rage."


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