Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Been Too Long

Hiya folks.
Been too long!! You know when you miss blogging that it's been a while, and lately, I've been sleeping my life away for the most part.

Or that's what it feels like anyway.

But, in the last week, I've picked up the pace a little, writing during the afternoons--after my nap. :D :D LOL What can I say? I'm pregnant. If only I could harness the creativity of my dreams! Seriously!

So, tell me what the weather's like in your part of the country... we're back and forth between cold and sunny. Too dry out here for all the snowfall the east coast is getting, but cold enough to make me want Spring! Spring! Just a couple weeks away now...

Have a great week, Friends.
With Love,


  1. Pregnant!?!? You're supposed to be writing romance fiction, not how-to manuals!

    Anyway, congratulations!

    But it might be a little difficult to find time to write with another little Stresser - uh, I mean Strasser running around!

    BTW - it's been cold and snowy here...

  2. hahaha. that is hilarious! yes, I should write a how-to manual! We shall see how things go.... but, another child is no excuse to not write. I started writing while pregnant with number 3 so... as you can see, it hasn't stopped me thus far.


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