Monday, April 6, 2015


I can't believe it. Every time I come in here to write this post, my throat closes a little, which is completely ridiculous. But I'm taking a new step in my life and when the opportunity to get a webpage and include a blog in it came along, I just couldn't say no. I've known it was coming. It had to be done. I wanted to do it. So, the weird tears-like feeling isn't all bad. Nope. Actually, it's exciting...

At the same time, I have loved it here on blogger.

On July 24, 2007, I started this blog. It was my first step into social media as an advocate of the writing world, as a participant. I had my sights set on publication and making a name for myself. When I look back now, I wonder...why didn't I officially introduce myself? I wrote about digital access to books at the library, ease of research, and how technology has made us impatient.

So different from my last post which included a bit about how I played a game of Life with my 4 year old, Darla. Now that's patience! LOL :D

I've had a lot to say on this blog, and I'm excited because my Squarespace webpage allows me to import all my posts from here to there. [See? The tears are even more ridiculous because of that!] I won't lose this crazy journal of what I've I've changed, what has changed me.

This has been like my little starter studio apartment. But I'm moving, and I'm hoping you'll come with me to and to my new blog. It's a new house completely, with a blog room. I've got a bit of renovating to do at the new place, so you'll see some changes over the next couple of months, but the heart of it will stay the same. Tidbits on life. I hope you'll come by and add your email to my subscription list through feedburner in the sidebar on the right, at the top.

I can't thank you enough for all the support you've given me over the years. The little notes you've sent and the comments you've left. I'll miss this place. But if the military life has taught me anything, it's to embrace the change, enjoy it, and thrive anyway.
With Love,

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